duivel is boos

Theo van de Goor is an artist by profession. At first glance, his paintings, objects and etchings may seem very different. The subjects of his work also differ; from still life and natural scenery to mythical, biblical and classical scenes and further on to fables and self-portraits. A returning theme in the artist's work, however, is Theo van de Goor himself. He made paintings of himself as an angry missionary, as a Roman soldier, as an American Indian and as a devil. He made etchings of himself as the biblical figures Beelzebub and Apollyon. The objects he creates are colorful fantasy creatures. Many of these objects also conceal images of the artist himself.

Theo's strength comes from his diversity. Within this diversity, his signature is unmistakably identifiable. Together, his work forms a universe, telling a story about good and evil, about the struggle of mankind with the devil. About van de Goor's struggle with the devil. Theo van de Goor's real life is much like how people would imagine an artist's life to be: a struggle.

dood konijn, dead rabbit

In 2017, a grand format book will be published about Theo van de Goor with over 300 pictures of etches, paintings and objects, and personal stories from the artist. Size 42 x 29 cm, 350 pages. A hand-signed collector's edition of 95 copies will be available, accompanied by a large-sized, hand-colored etching by Theo van de Goor.

voorkant van en pagina uit boek theo van de goor