April 23, 2017

Hello world: meet artist Theo van de Goor

You may wonder what the picture above has to do with the artist Theo van de Goor. I mean, there is a man with a rifle standing in a meadow. But what is the connection with the paintings, etchings and objects of this artist?



Theo van de Goor

Well, actually this picture visualizes the roots of Theo van de Goor and his work. The photo was taken at national park “De Peel”, near a small village called Evertsoord in the Netherlands. In this village the artist was born and raised. This landscape, together with fearful stories about devils and demons laid the foundation for the works of Theo van de Goor.

An exceptional artist

Until now, work of Theo van de Goor has been a hidden gem only known to a select group of art collectors. Van de Goor had significant expositions in the eighties, but found himself too distracted by the commercial and communicative sides of being an artist. Instead he has focused solely on his work, producing a unique legacy. The exposure and selling of his work was of no importance for him. Whatsoever!

Hello World!

An admirer of Theo's work, Jeroen Schellekens spent several years, trying to convince Theo van de Goor his work should be out here in the world. Finally, the artist agreed. This website is one of the results. How exciting! Now we can all explore and enjoy the work of this exceptional artist. I would like to thank Hayo Roskam from Nodale. Mr. Roskam spent many hours, translating the ideas and design for this website into this fully functional website you are looking at now. So please look around.